Internet Address Logbook (Black) 111 pages


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Personal Password Keeper Book

Do you find it hard to keep track of all the passcodes and addresses that you have?

Would you like something that will make it easy for you to keep them?

Then why don’t you try out this DIY address book.

It is a custom address book that you ca use without the need to get a password manager because rated among the best address books, it has cyber-attack protection that is near to free and has been reviewed as a very good password journal target and you should not pass up the opportunity to get it.

This address book gives you a reason to say “my password journal is the best”

This DIY password book is a 111 paged book and consists of alphabetical tabs. Here are some of the features of the ez address book:

• Features of This DIY Password Book

• 111 alphabetical pages

• The dimension are 5.0” X 8.0” (equivalent to 12.7cm X 20.32 cm)

• The design is hilarious

• The print quality is perfect

• Settings for WIFI

• Settings and passwords for email

• A good use for people with uneven eyesight and also seniors

• The print is large

• A perfect gift material It is among the top-rated address books for sale so why don’t you buy one today


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