Drawing Paper For Kids (Large Sketchbook For Children)

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Buy Drawing Paper For Kids: 110+ blank pages (8.5×11).

Just give the children this Sketchbook and let them sketch!

Buy a few for each kid because children like drawing!

The cover was made for children by children!

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Buy a few excellent, premium sketchbooks for kids as a gift because children will very quickly paint each Sketchbook. Everything in the Sketchbook is ideal, the cover and the drawing paper’s quality, many sheets -111, and the convenient size. (8.5x 11″”).
An attractive cover design featuring a 6-year-old girl’s drawings will inspire your kids to create their masterpieces. The little girl who made the cover of this gorgeous drawing pad is named Charlotte, as in Charlotte’s Web. She has been very fond of drawing from an early age. At age 5, she independently learned to draw a dragon and taught children in pre-school how to draw a dragon correctly and efficiently on drawing paper.
Excellent paper for drawing in this Sketchbook requires a separate description. It is dense enough to be comfortable to draw with pencils and markers, as well as crayons and paints. Each page has an inconspicuous dotted line, allowing you to conveniently cut out the drawing, place it in a frame, and hang it on the wall. Present your kids with several of our albums. Let them learn to draw a dragon, elephant, buildings, chibi, characters, and whatever.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 0.25 × 11 cm

9 reviews for Drawing Paper For Kids (Large Sketchbook For Children)

  1. Marie

    Funny cover. My daughter tries copying pictures from it. 🙂

  2. Sophia

    I’ve bought a couple. My children like sketching. Good quality.

  3. Sam

    This is actually amazing sketchbook! My daughters draw a lot of time more than they play games on a smartphone 🙂

  4. Ashley

    Great drawing paper. A child drew an excellent cover.

  5. Rusty

    I bought some for my girls. Both were very happy with the cover.
    A child draws the cover of that sketchbook. The paper quality is excellent. I think this is the most successful drawing paper for kids I have ever bought.

  6. Christina

    My daughter was ?

  7. Mark

    Happy Independence Day! I ordered a couple of sketchbooks. There are a lot of good reviews at Amazon.

  8. Elisabeth


  9. William

    Perfect quality product! My daughter loves it.

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