Which Books Containing Drawing Paper For Kids Is The Best?


Even from an early age, most children love to scribble or paint but may start to lose interest in such a hobby over time. Often they choose to give up on art as a skill because they may not have been taught the basics. But any type of drawing paper for kids could help your child to begin to enjoy learning this skill throughout the next few years.

Today the number of children of all ages having art lessons has shrunk. Unfortunately, as school budgets get cut, the first subjects that often don’t get the support they need are art lessons. This is because they aren’t seen as valuable as, say, maths or English.

Yet if children were allowed to participate in art lessons, other teachers may see a dramatic improvement in some of their students. Research has shown that visual and performing arts are critical to a child’s education as they help improve their memory. So we should be thinking of art as a superpower for our kids.

When it comes to teaching children to draw, you can do so using the many blank paper books for kids that are available online.

When a child learns to draw using a children’s drawing book or kids drawing paper, it helps develop their visual literacy. You will then find your child is better able to interpret and think about images they see. This is because most children find they can learn more through being able to see things.

Also, once a child learns how to draw through drawing paper for toddlers 1-3 or drawing paper for kids ages 4-8, it will help them later in life.

But giving a child of any age a drawing pad for kids won’t help to improve their grades at school. Sharing will help strengthen their fine motor and coordination skills from an early age, even if just coloring between the lines will help.

Why Buy Children A Sketch Book For Kids?

There is something extraordinary about watching a child put pen to paper and create something unique to them from a young age. Plus, there is much less risk of a small child choosing to draw on a wall with the coloring pens or pencils they are given.

A good drawing paper pad kids can use the ideal place to begin letting your child’s inner artist come out. These days you find a variety of different blank paper books for kids that they can then use to create some unique art pieces.

These kids paper drawing books also come in different shapes and sizes, and most will come with around 100 blank pages in them. Also, such children’s drawing books allow them to use various methods, from watercolors to colored pencils, pens, or crayons.

As already mentioned when it comes to buying such art equipment for your child, there are plenty of places online where you can purchase such items. So finding the right kind of drawing supplies for kids 6-9 paper included is easy.

Things To Consider When Buying Any Kids Drawing Paper

When buying your child any type of books that they can use to draw in, there are a few things you need to consider first.


Small children tend to like to draw things much larger than they are, so a book full of kids drawing paper contains large sheets inside it. Whereas you may want to go for drawing paper pads for older kids, say five years and upwards, smaller ones would be suitable.

Where Will They Be Using Their Drawing Book?

If they will only be using their children drawing paper books at home then you can go for any size that you like. However, if you want them to be able to use it when out and about then of course look for ones that will fit easily in your own handbag or in a small rucksack that they can then carry.

What Media Will They Be Using?

This is important to consider as you need to choose kids drawing paper books that include paper that will best handle the media. If you only intend to let your child use say pencils or crayons then choose drawing paper kids can use that is fine or thin.

However, if as they get older then and would like to start using items like watercolour paints or markers then pads that are made up of much thicker sheets of paper is a good idea. This is because these types of blank paper books for kids will be able to handle such media as watercolor paints a lot better and such paper is able to cope with heavy saturation better.

Here Are Some Of The Best Sketchbooks For Children

Below we look at a few such sketchbooks for children that you may want to consider buying for them to let them see how wonderful drawing and colouring can be.

Sketchbook For Kids: Large Drawing Pad of Paper For Kids By Busy Mom

Large Sketchbook For Children

This is the perfect drawing paper pad kids can use to help them fall in love with drawing. It contains 110 blank pages where your child’s mind can create some unique pieces of art.

It is easy to pop in a bag and comes in several different shapes and sizes, so it is easily accessible for any child to use.

It measures 8.5 x 11 inches and includes good quality paper on which a child can draw using any materials such as pencils, crayons, or paint. The delicate polished cover will ensure that whatever artwork your child produces will be kept safe.

The pages inside this book are of a thickness that isn’t only suitable for allowing your child to draw in them using pencils. They are also ideal for allowing your child to create a piece of art using water-based paints.

Sketchbook For Girls: Children’s Drawing Pad

This is a great blank paper notebook for kids to use when they are first starting to draw. They will be attracted to the cover’s delicate design and help to develop their art skills even more.

This book contains drawing paper for toddlers 1-3 and drawing paper for kids ages 4-8. It is of a very good quality, and if you need to you can easily tear off or cut a piece of paper out of this book just by following the dotted lines.

Inside this book which measures 8.5 x 11 inches you will find there are total of over 110 blank pages for your child to let their artistic side come out on. You may even find that some of the images that appear on the cover are ones that your child may attempt to copy. In fact it may help them to get the bug for drawing.

Also the paper used inside the book is of a very high standard meaning that your child will be able to create lovely pieces of artwork using various different medias. Not only is this drawing pad for kids ideal for creating art using pencils, but also with paint.

Crayola Marker And Watercolor Pad

This particular Crayola drawing paper for kids book may only come with 50 sheets of paper inside. But it still provides your child with more than enough to let their imagination run wild.

This particular book has been designed to allow a child to use markers or watercolor paints. Any work of art they create will shine out because of the bright white paper used in this pad.

This drawing pad also measures just 8 x 10 inches to fit easily into any bag.

Also, inside this book, you will find a lover project idea that will help your child get started. This is a book that you will find is suitable for children aged three years and upwards.

Each sheet of paper within the book can easily be removed, so you can then, if you wish, frame any artwork your child creates. You could, even if you want, make a complete folder where you and they can look back on the work they produced when they were younger as they get older.

Doodle Pad Scribble Pad For Toddlers

This is the perfect drawing pad for kids below the age of 3 years. It is an ideal book that will allow your toddler to scribble away for hours on end.

Each book measures 9 x 12 inches and includes a total of 50 blank sheets inside. This is the best product to buy for your toddler when you are teaching them how to hold a pencil and draw with it.

The quality of each sheet of children drawing paper inside is very good, so it doesn’t matter how much pressure your child places on it when drawing it won’t tear easily. Not only can it be used to create artworks in it using pencils, but is also suitable for using crayons on it.

As well as these wonderful blank paper notebook for kids you may want to consider getting there are plenty of other pads available that you may want to get as well. For example if your child loves animals, why not get them a painting horses book. However, if your child is a little older and needs more stimulation then there books that include puzzles for kids ages 4-8.

What is important when teaching a child to draw even from a very young age you keep things light and fun. With small children use their drawing paper pad for kids to start off by getting them to draw different shapes, then move on to drawing simple faces. Make sure that you let them draw whatever they want.

As a child gets older then of course you should start to ask them about what they are drawing. As you do you can offer them some gentle advice but never tell them what to draw. If you do try and tell them what they should be drawing they will soon lose interest.

Hopefully, by the time they go to school, your child will be interested in drawing more complex pictures. You will also find that their fine motor control skills are improving, so they will be able to draw shapes more accurately. At this stage, if they start to express a desire to draw things as they see them, then let them.

At the same time, as they learn to draw things as they see them, you should also be helping them be more creative. So don’t be afraid to allow your child when using any children drawing paper books that you let them experiment with color.

Okay, they may not become the next Rembrandt or Van Gogh, but using any books containing drawing paper for kids will help them find their artistic side.


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