How to organize safe children’s creativity: an overview of the best sketchbooks for kids


The manifestation of creativity in children is a long-awaited event and a reason for parental pride. Babies from one year old can hold a pencil in their tiny fingers and move it on a sheet of paper. Still, comprehended drawing is available to children from the age of three. Older children can talk about what they drew at home or school (even if this image is not even close to their actual source of inspiration), come up with some story. They are always in a hurry to share their new masterpiece with a parent. These are very touching moments that both child and parent want to keep both in memory and some tangible form, such as a special folder or a home exhibition of children’s drawings. 

No matter how great an artistic talent a child has, any mom and dad will be delighted with the children’s doodles. So that these little masterpieces are not lost, use organized drawing – special sets of drawing paper for kids will help you. Their advantage is the use of safe premium materials, and compatibility with a variety of drawing devices such as pencils, markers, crayons, and others. In addition, these sketchbooks are designed as a drawing pad for kids specifically, so your child’s drawings will be protected from the occasional pencil hole. We suggest you read the best options for children’s drawing books, in the quality of which we are confident. 

Drawing books for toddlers (1-3 years)

So young children do not draw very much, so it does not make sense to buy them several sketchbooks. One is quite enough. Drawing paper sets for toddlers 1-3 years old must meet safety and quality requirements, be thick enough to prevent paper tearing (because a toddler can eat it). What options are available on the market?

1. Sketch Book for Toddlers by Green Light Go has 50 sheets in a comfortable square shape (one side is 8.5 inches long) and can withstand rough handling by a toddler. Suitable for toddlers ages 1-3 who are learning to handle paper.

Sketch Book for Toddlers

2. Notebook for Toddlers by Katie Kate is a 108-page blank paper notebook for kids, including toddlers who are just getting interested in drawing and writing. The cover of the notebook is designed with a child’s drawing. It depicts the basics of kid’s paper drawing, such as mom and baby, house, car, and more. We think it will allow your child to be brave in drawing, even if they don’t think they do it very well. The format is 8.5 x 11 inches.

Cute Blank Notebook for Kids

General safety rules

When equipping a space for children’s art, remember safety precautions. Young children should not draw with sharp pencils and brushes. Because of insufficiently developed fine motor skills, it will be difficult for them to hold thin drawing materials. Crayons or thickened crayons like STABILO WOODY or Crayola are best. 

Don’t leave a non-self-sufficient child to draw alone: they can accidentally or unknowingly hurt themselves or bite and swallow the small parts of the drawing implements. Keep pencils, crayons, paints, and markers out of the reach of small children. If your toddler scatters drawing supplies, make sure you collect and store them all. 

Drawing books for pre-schoolers and elementary school children (ages 4-8)

Children from the age of 4-5 start attending educational institutions, so they get more motivated to create. In addition, drawing lessons can be included in your child’s curriculum, so you should buy blank paper books for kids. You can also give a kid’s drawing paper set as a gift if your child or your relatives’ or friends’ child is preparing for school. Here are some examples of drawing paper for kids ages 4-8 we found online.

1. Sketchbook For Girls from Busy Mom is an extra-large (over 110 pages) drawing paper pad for kids. It is very handy since schoolchildren are always drawing something. Inside you will find 8.5×11 inches of high quality, thick pages on which it is fun to draw with any tool: pencil, marker, paint, or chalk. The cover design was created by a 6-year-old girl named Charlotte, which will help your child find inspiration and create their own masterpiece.

Paper For Kids With 110+ Blank Pages

2. Sketch Book For Kids from L.Beautiful Journal/Kids SketchBook/Sunny Cat offers a great option for a drawing book for boys. It is similar in appearance (number of sheets and format) to the previous children’s drawing paper.

SketchBook: Sketch Book For Kids

3. The Sketch Book for Kids by FOREST AVE PRODUCTS LLC is designed, in our opinion, for frenetic little artists. An extra-voluminous set of kids’ drawing paper (60 sheets or 120 pages) of 8.5×11 inch, the minimalist cover design will suit kids who have something to draw on their own.

Sketch Book for Kids: 120 Pages (Blank)

General safety rules

Preschoolers and those just starting school can be quite clumsy. When setting safe rules while creating, be guided by your child’s behavior. Some children only need to help keep order on the table, and with others, you may need to keep hiding drawing supplies from them.

Drawing books for elementary school kids (ages 6-9)

Kids of 6-9 years old become quite picky about personal belongings, including drawing supplies for paper painting. They actively communicate with their peers and pay attention to their belongings. How often do you hear, “I want one like Mary/Tom’s!” We think the following sketchbooks will appeal to your sophisticated little ones.

1. Sketch Book from Spark Drawing has an abstract cover design that will appeal not only to children with a fluid artistic imagination but to creative adults as well. You can use it for your co-creation with your child, thankfully there is enough space (60 sheets or 120 pages) for everyone. The format is standard, 8.5×11 inches.

Notebook for Drawing, Writing, Painting, Sketching or Doodling

2. Animal Sketchbook for kids by Jack Ikhir for little fauna fans. Kids can use the cover as a sample to redraw and improve their skills. They have 110 8.5×11 inch pages at their disposal.

Doodling or Sketching Sketchbooks For Kids

3. The Sketchbook for Kids by Busy Mom is another great option for school and home creativity from the brand we wrote about above. The smooth polished cover features several unique hand-drawn images. Inside is high-quality 8.5 x11 inch paper for different forms of creativity.

Drawing Paper For Kids

General safety rules

Older kids can keep supplies handy. Just check their condition from time to time and discard what has fallen into disrepair or raises any doubts about its quality. For example, stale markers or pencils that are too short. Children behave like true creative geniuses at this age: they have clutter everywhere.

More imagination and creativity with drawing paper pads for kids

You can see the cut line in some drawing paper for kids. It will allow you to safely cut out individual sheets of drawings to give to a school exhibition or to give to grandma or grandpa. But these sheets can be used for other games and fun times with your child. 

If you take scissors and cut out the characters your child has drawn, and let him play with the “come to life” creations, you will make him very happy.

Draw what your child is dreaming about yourself. For example, a dog and your child and cut them out of paper. Tell them that the dog needs care: it needs its own house (kennel), its own bowl, a collar for walking, etc. Let your child play as if his wish has come true. Let him draw and cut out all the things the dog needs. Whether your child is actually dreaming of (a bicycle or a doll), this activity will allow them to learn how to form their wishes better and think through the consequences. 

You can also cut the finished drawing into several pieces, depending on the age of the child (the older ones, the smaller the pieces), and offer your child to put the drawing back together. This game is similar to puzzles and is suitable for kids ages 4-8 and older.

Make the sketchbook your secret place to communicate. Invite your child to take turns drawing pictures in the sketchbook as if you were writing secret letters to each other. We’re sure your child will appreciate the atmosphere of mystery.

Fold one sheet in half and create a greeting card with your child.

And a couple more options of drawing

So far, we’ve given examples and ways to use blank paper books for kids that give your child unlimited imagination. But you can also consider buying coloring books or special sketchbooks that contain step-by-step instructions on how to draw animals, pets, flowers, cars, people, or favorite cartoon characters. Here is what we have chosen for you.

1. How to Draw 101 Horses & Ponies by Dan Green is one from a series of pictorial guides for kids. Due to this book, your child will be fascinated with painting horses. If not, check out the other products in this series.

How to Draw 101 Horses & Ponies

2. The How to Draw Book for Kids by Jacy Corral/Modern Kid Press is a more expensive self-drawing tutorial. Still, it has a cute cover that won’t leave you indifferent..

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing

3. Creative Coloring for Girls from Under the cover press is a coloring book with 50 exciting animal pictures and patterns that can be used for relaxation. It would make a great gift for children of 6 years and older and adults.

A coloring book for tweens and girls

4. Crayola Color Wonder Drawing Paper with a 4-Pack of Cello Wrapped Crayola Crayons would also make a great purchase for your kid’s creative development.

Crayola Color Wonder Drawing


Let’s summarize our text. Organizing safe children’s art is something we think all parents should do. Teach your child to keep their drawings in one place instead of scattering them around the house. Sketchbooks can be kept in a safe place, and then (on your child’s 18th birthday), the book will be a terrific gift of yours. Don’t forget to choose qualitative creative materials, like the ones in our review. And follow the safety rules.

Whichever way you choose to teach drawing, the most important thing is to never hold back your child’s creative itch. Don’t be afraid to experiment and offer them different variations of sketchbooks – blank and filled with prompts. All you have to do is pick a quality set of paper and drawing supplies and organize your child’s “work” space properly, and we hope we’ve helped you figure these questions out, at least.


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